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カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

Japan App Store Rapid Growth via PixelBits

PixelBits said that Japanese mobile market has been growing..

  • Japan app store is expanding faster than expected, especially for apps outside the top 3-5.
  • by Mar 2015, a #10 ranked game will earn ¥1.7bn/m, which is the same as #2 earned in Nov 2013

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 4.13.16 PM


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カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

Japan Spotlight: Hey Big Spender! Japan Outspends US, Continues Its Meteoric Growth

App Annie reported Japan Outspends US, Continues Its Meteoric Growth.

Japan Overtakes US Revenue Graph

This App Annie Japan Spotlight report shows how Japan has not only overtaken the United States for app store revenue, but also shows no signs of abating in its growth. The report looks into the causes of Japan’s rise, shows which publishers are driving this growth, and looks ahead to future trends in smartphone penetration as well as new business models being created out of Japan.

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カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

iOS share of smartphone sale in Japan

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported the latest smartphone sales data for the three months to December 2013

In Japan, consumers’ desire for all things Apple continued into the final quarter of 2013, with iOS taking 68.7% share of smartphone sales. Apple’s deal to sell iPhones through Japan’s largest carrier, NTT DoCoMO, has proved an unarguable success with Apple’s share on the carrier reaching 58.1% in the fourth quarter compared with 91.7% on Softbank and 63.7% on AU KDDI.

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カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

Asia: The Leading App Market in the World via DISTIMO

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This month’s publication investigates the Asian continent and its countries. Our data showed that Asian countries are significant players in the app market. As we reported in our December 2013 publication, Japan and South Korea are among the top three countries (the U.S. is No. 1) in terms of mobile app revenue. To get a deeper insight into the Chinese market, we have made this publication in partnership with Wandoujia, a leading mobile content search engine for Android users in China.

Asia is the most lucrative app market in the world. 41 percent of the total revenue globally in December 2013 came from Asia, while North America generated 31 percent and Europe 23 percent. Furthermore revenue in Asia increased by 162 percent year-over-year (December 2012 to December 2013), while North America’s revenue grew by 46 percent. Making Asia is the No. 1 continent in terms of revenue and had the highest growth throughout last year.

Top Countries in Asia

When we separated revenue by country in Asia for December 2013, we dug up the following breakdown: Japan was by far the most lucrative country, followed by South Korea and China. Below the top three were: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia. To put this into perspective, there is an enormous difference in revenue between the top Asian country Japan and Malaysia, Japan’s revenue is 77 times that of Malaysia’s.


Top Asian Apps

The top performing apps in Asia on the Apple App Store in terms of downloads are presented below. You can also explore our leaderboards per country yourself.

Angry Birds Go! Was the most downloaded game in Asia in December 2013, followed by 保卫萝卜2极地冒险 (CarrotFantasy 2: Polar Adventure), and 史上最坑爹的游戏 (The Hardest Game in History). Most downloads came from China. Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts app was the only exception — it was downloaded the most in Japan (47%), Taiwan (10%), and Turkey (9%).

Top Apps in Asia by Downloads (December 2013) Publisher
1. Angry Birds Go! Rovio Entertainment Ltd
2. 保卫萝卜2极地冒险 Beijing Kai Luo Tian Xia Technology Co., Ltd.
3. 史上最坑爹的游戏 iPeakSoft Inc.
4. 天天酷跑 Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited
5. 全民英雄 Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited
6. Asphalt 8: Airborne Gameloft
7. 欢乐斗地主(QQ游戏官方版) Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited
8. 12 Days of Gifts iTunes
9. 支付宝钱包余额宝官方客户端 Alipay.com Co.,Ltd
10. My Talking Tom Out Fit 7 Ltd.

( Copyright DISTIMO )

カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

In-App Purchase Revenue Hits Record High: Accounts For 90% In Asian Markets

The report then turned to non-U.S. trends, showing how Japan in particular has a high ARPD. Among the top 10 grossing iPhone apps in that country, the average ARPD is over $12. Distimo notes that it pulled “Puzzles & Dragons” from this analysis to prevent bias towards this game only; had it been included, the ARPD would be even higher.


Original article is here.

カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

iOS has China and Google Play has Brazil, but the U.S., the U.K. and Japan are where the money is via Inside Mobile Apps

The U.S. the U.K and Japan are the three most lucrative app markets in the world, according to App Annie, accounting for 60 percent of all iOS revenues and 65 percent of Google Play’s.

The app store intelligence company released the statistics today as an infographic to promote the launch of its new analytics service App Annie for Google Play.,

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カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

20 Best Ways to Promote iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Kids Apps via ikidapps

1. Localization via translation of your iPhone app will help tremendously for your iPhone app sales ‚ We have experienced this first hand. Note that you may not need to localize the contents of your app, it may be sufficient to translate just the description of your app in the iTunes store. If you are going in this direction, I’d recommend submitting your description in Japanese ‚Äì a hugely growing market-, Spanish, and French first.

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カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

A Look Into Japan’s Burgeoning Android, iOS App Economy via TechCrunch

Japan, long called the “Galapagos Islands” of the mobile industry for its cornucopia of sophisticated and unusual feature phones, is finally transitioning to Android and iOS in a serious way. Given the country’s historically high levels of spending on mobile apps and games, it’s becoming a market that Android and iOS developers can’t ignore.

For one, it surpassed the U.S. as the most lucrative market for Google Play last fall.

App Annie, a mobile app intelligence firm that started out of Beijing, took an in-depth look at the Japanese market. Ironically, Japan has had a relatively slow transition to smartphones if you consider how advanced handsets were throughout the last decade. At the end of 2011, only 23 percent of handsets being used in the country were smartphones.


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カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

Marketing Hacks for iOS: How we got 250k downloads in 4 days via David McKinney

Tip: Localize the description of your app in the App Store.
Don’t forget that there are customers all over the world and they speak all kinds. You need to do everything you possibly can to convert them when they land on your App Store page. The description of your app is a crucial part of the funnel. NB: Localizing the app itself is often tricky and means that every subsequent update also has to be maintained. Instead, start by localizing your description in the App Store. Then it’s easy to update if your change your normal copy.

Example: Japan is a huge part of our total sales. As many of Japanese users don’t speak English you are relying on your app icon, your price, and your app name to convert them into customers.

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カテゴリー: Market data in Japan