iOS app review sites in Japan

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The Japanese iOS market is the second biggest in the world, after the US’. App review sites there are, needless to say, dime a dozen as well.

Getting a press release published on these sites is your first step to capturing the Japanese market.

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Category URL Mail / Request form
General Appinfo
General iPhone 研究室
General Smapri
General iStation
General iPhone World
General iPortal
General PowerApp
General TERA APPs
General AppLiFE
General giveApp de iPhone
General Boom App
General smartphone-navi
General SPApp!
General AppGraphy info[atsign]
General オリコンアプリランキング
General アプリ学園
General ソフトバンクファンサイト
General 神アプリたち
General 和洋風◎
General アプリパーティ
General CatchApp ad[atsign]
General aivie[atsign]
General AppBank appbankmail[atsign]
General DIME appdime[atsign]
General AppleFan! applefan[atsign]
General App Library[atsign]
General CDIP clubiphone3g[atsign]
General gooスマホ部 contact-sumahobu[atsign]
General APPLE LINKAGE email[atsign]
General AppLiv
General あっぷりぃ info[atsign]
General アップス! info[atsign]
General Meet-i info[atsign]
General RainbowApps info[atsign]
General mobileASCII mobileascii-info[atsign]
General Touch Lab nakimo[atsign]
General iPadiPhoneWire news-pr[atsign]
General マイナビニュース news-pr[atsign]
General アプリ☆プラザ by GREE pr-free-app[atsign]
General mobilenavi press[atsign]
General ソフトニック publisher-jp[atsign]
General release[atsign]
General ringonokoto. ringonokoto[atsign]
General app to i toshi[atsign]
General 押忍番 xyz[atsign]
Business 日経トレンディネット
Business ITmedia release[atsign]
For children Kids-app-com
For women アプリソムリエ
For women App Woman
For women Girl’s App
For women iPhone女史
For women plima!
For women ファッショニスタナビ
For women ハッピーデジタル
For women WomanApps info[atsign]
For women iPhone女子部 release[atsign]
For women KechApp review[atsign]
For women スマホガール spgirl[atsign]
Gadget ガジェット通信
Gadget Podcast journal info[atsign]
Gadget ケータイ Watch k-tai[atsign]
Gadget Appllio pr[atsign]
Gadget Velio pr[atsign]
Gadget RBB TODAY release[atsign]
Game ゲームブログランキング
Game アプリ野郎Z
Game Axel Games
Game ゲームセイバー
Game Game Live!
Game 私的iPhone無料ゲームレビュー
Game COCOS20
Game iPhone 神暇つぶしアプリ
Game iJoynt
Game iPhone Games
Game ファミ通App eb-famimobile[atsign]
Game iPhone AC ezw01271[atsign]
Game GAME Watch game-watch[atsign]
Game ゲームタイムズ gmtimes[atsign]
Game 9-Bit
Game AppsJP
Game Soft Funk i[atsign]
Game iPhoneGameCast iebacontact[atsign]
Game info[atsign]
Game Appon! review[atsign]
Game Swipe swipejp[atsign]
Game GameApps tetsunori.yuasa[atsign]
Game (Puzzle) Puzzle-App
IT MACお宝鑑定団 info_otakara[atsign]
Photo IG Fan
Review service Applis

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Point to note: Most sites only use Japanese.Please translate your text into Japanese first (either with your own favorite translation service, or the marketing service we offer) before sending it in.

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iOS app review sites in Japan” への1件のコメント
  1. sarah より:


    is there any way to contact you for more detail info for your service?


  2. Rudy より:

    Thanks for all this stuffs!!
    we need it, we are a young indie studio in Cambodia
    and we just made a game in 11 language include japanese
    if you have some tips for ranking in any country send me a email
    we need all help to survive in the Applestore Junglle

    thanks again for your work!!!

    • DaVinciWare DaVinciWare より:

      Thank for your comment from Cambodia! Great!
      I’ve been to your country 10 years ago! We’re waiting for you at Japanese market!


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