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Here are SamuraiApp, we offer a comprehensive marketing package for just $180 . Your app’s entry into the Japanese market will be supported by seasoned veterans well-versed in the ways of the market!

1) Application name

2) iTunes connect keywords

3) Press release


1) Application name

Working a Japanese catchphrase into your app name is a very effective method of grabbing eyeballs, so we’ll make Japanese name proposals based on the content of your app.


English: DropPhox – Snap and sync to Dropbox

Japanese: DropPhox – Dropbox連携カメラ (Tandem Camera)

It’s easier to catch the attention of Japanese users when you add a Japanese catchphrase to your app name like this!

2) keywords for the app

We’ll offer you suggestions on Japanese keywords to use for iTunes connect or Android market with the app’s features and Japanese cultural background in mind.

3) Press Release

An energizing piece of press release geared towards Japanese editors will be produced for you. For that, we’ll need you to answer three questions that will help to convey your enthusiasm as a developer for this market.

– Who are the app’s target audience?
EG) People who want to relax, people interested in gardening, people with long commuting hours. (Please be as specific as possible.)

– What will the abovementioned users gain from this app?
EG) They can consolidate information during their commuting hours. (Please list benefits out in detail.)

– What makes your app better than other similar ones? (Please be as detailed as possible about points that differentiate your app from others.)

We’ll also do research on a few email addresses best suited for your app and provide a list of commonly-used app review sites for free. You may find it more effective to do an email blast on these addresses too.

Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you can reach out to key players of the Japanese industry simply by copy and pasting the press release we provide.

How to order

You only pay after we deliver. Simply send us (samuraiapp[atsign] your app name, URL, and your answers to the three questions, and we’ll have the deliverable uploaded to Gumroad within 7 days. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, the press release will be provided in a format where you can easily do a copy and paste on to disseminate the information.

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    I’m interest to your marking package especially the price and you mentioned about half price. Can you please tell me more?



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