How to order

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First of all, please search for the name of your app in this site.

If there’s a hit…

Good for you! Your app description has already been translated and is ready to be copied into iTunes connect. You don’t have to apply for anything at all, although don’t forget that there’s a nominal fee to be paid through Gumroad!

If there’s no hit…

Please request for a translation by leaving the name of your app and its iTunes URL in the comment section on this page. The Japanese translation will be uploaded to the site within 48 hours. If the translation is to your liking, please make a payment via Gumroad and you’re now free to copy and paste the translation anywhere you like!

The simplest translation service in the world – No signups, no drawn-out order procedures.

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How to order” への1件のコメント
  1. Igor より:


    I would like to know about your prices for translation of text inside the game, not just description. There is my game

    I have .plist file (table with fields for each text used in game), so I can send it to you for translation. If you can translate texts inside the game (2365 words) + description (171 words), please tell me the final price for your services.


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