Japanese operators gamble on iOS and Android #AppsWorld via telecoms

The US dropped to second place in terms of app revenue generation last year for the first time ever, supplanted by the new dominant player whose smartphone market is beginning to snowball, Japan.

Mobile app intelligence and metrics tracking firm App Annie has released a detailed breakdown of the the complex Japanese market, detailing the precarious stance this smartphone onslaught has forced domestic carriers to adopt.

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Over 80% of Top iOS Apps in Japan, Germany, and France Are in Local Languages via ABIresearch

​Locally-developed and well-translated content is the key to having mobile apps discovered by consumers. In Apple’s Japanese App Store, 87% of the ten highest-ranked apps in all 21 categories were available in Japanese, as of February. Germany (83%) and France (82%) were other markets where over four-fifths of the highest-ranking apps were available in the local languages. In China, Chinese-speaking apps accounted for 76% of the highest-ranked apps – with about half of them developed specifically for the local market.

To be continued…

カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

iOS app review sites in Japan

The Japanese iOS market is the second biggest in the world, after the US’. App review sites there are, needless to say, dime a dozen as well.

Getting a press release published on these sites is your first step to capturing the Japanese market.

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Category URL Mail / Request form
General Appinfo http://desk.atfreaks.com/tickets/form/appinfo
General iPhone 研究室 http://iphone-lab.net/invite/press-release
General Smapri http://iphone.smapli.net/contact.php
General iStation http://iphones.cx/other/developer.php
General iPhone World http://iphonewd.com/ask.html
General iPortal http://ms.yahoo.co.jp/bin/event-info/feedback
General PowerApp http://powerapp.jp/review/about
General TERA APPs http://tera-apps.com/review_form/
General AppLiFE http://www.app-life.jp/inquiry/
General giveApp de iPhone http://www.giveapp.jp/ReviewOrder
General Boom App http://www.seesaa.co.jp/pages/enq/input.pl?enq=33
General smartphone-navi http://www.smartphone-navi.info/?page_id=1682
General APPREVIEW https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dG9xQ1J5NHBtT0dGaVYzcHk4Y3NoTGc6MQ
General SPApp! https://www.spapp.jp/ssl/contact_article.php
General AppGraphy info[atsign]appgraphy.me
General オリコンアプリランキング http://app-i.oricon.co.jp/contact
General アプリ学園 http://appgaku.com/reviewRequest.html
General ソフトバンクファンサイト http://fansite.mb.softbank.jp/help/index
General 神アプリたち http://kamiapp.net/
General 和洋風◎ http://wayohoo.com/mail.html
General アプリパーティ https://app.gpara.com/contact
General CatchApp ad[atsign]creer-web.com
General aivie aivie.info[atsign]faith-wonderworks.co.jp
General AppBank appbankmail[atsign]gmail.com
General DIME appdime[atsign]shogakukan.co.jp
General AppleFan! applefan[atsign]airajp.com
General App Library applibrary.review[atsign]gmail.com
General CDIP clubiphone3g[atsign]gmail.com
General gooスマホ部 contact-sumahobu[atsign]nttr.co.jp
General APPLE LINKAGE email[atsign]applelinkage.com
General AppLiv http://app-liv.jp/contact
General APPCOLLE http://appcolle.jp/login/?action=register
General あっぷりぃ info[atsign]applie.net
General アップス! info[atsign]appps.jp
General Meet-i info[atsign]meet-i.com
General RainbowApps info[atsign]rainbowapps.com
General mobileASCII mobileascii-info[atsign]ml.asciimw.jp
General Touch Lab nakimo[atsign]gmail.com
General iPadiPhoneWire news-pr[atsign]mynavi.jp
General マイナビニュース news-pr[atsign]mynavi.jp
General アプリ☆プラザ by GREE pr-free-app[atsign]ml.in.gree.jp
General mobilenavi press[atsign]mobile.jp
General ソフトニック publisher-jp[atsign]softonic.com
General japan.internet.com release[atsign]internetcom.co.jp
General ringonokoto. ringonokoto[atsign]gmail.com
General app to i toshi[atsign]apptoi.com
General 押忍番 xyz[atsign]osuban.jp
Business 日経トレンディネット https://bpcgi.nikkeibp.co.jp/form-cgi/formhtml.cgi?form=ask_bizmail/index.html
Business nikkeibp.jp https://bpcgi.nikkeibp.co.jp/form-cgi/formhtml.cgi?form=ask_bizmail/index.html
Business ITmedia release[atsign]ml.itmedia.co.jp
For children Kids-app-com http://www.kids-app.com/request
For women アプリソムリエ http://appsomm.jp/contact/
For women App Woman http://appwoman.jp/application
For women Girl’s App http://girlsapp.jp/contact/
For women iPhone女史 http://www.iphone-girl.jp/girlapp_form
For women plima! https://plima.jp/pc-contact
For women ファッショニスタナビ http://fashionistablogger.jp/job/
For women ハッピーデジタル https://www.happycom.co.jp/contact.html
For women WomanApps info[atsign]estyle-inc.jp
For women iPhone女子部 release[atsign]iphonejoshibu.com
For women KechApp review[atsign]ketchapp.jp
For women スマホガール spgirl[atsign]mediba.jp
Gadget iPhone.goodegg.jp http://goodegg.jp/about
Gadget GIGAZINE http://gigazine.net/news/contact3/
Gadget ガジェット通信 https://www.razil.jp/getnews/mail/
Gadget Podcast journal info[atsign]podcast-j.net
Gadget ケータイ Watch k-tai[atsign]impress.co.jp
Gadget Appllio pr[atsign]vellio.jp
Gadget Velio pr[atsign]vellio.jp
Gadget RBB TODAY release[atsign]rbbtoday.com
Game ゲームブログランキング http://game-blog-ranking.com
Game アプリ野郎Z http://appsreviewers.blogspot.jp/p/blog-page_7.html
Game Axel Games http://axelgames.net/review_request/
Game ゲームセイバー http://game-saver.jp/review_request
Game Game Live! http://gamelive.jp/contacts
Game 私的iPhone無料ゲームレビュー http://igamepotato.blogspot.jp/p/blog-page_1.html
Game COCOS20 http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org/games/add/
Game iPhone 神暇つぶしアプリ http://www.gogo-iapp.com
Game iJoynt http://www.ijoynt.com/publishers/
Game iPhone Games https://iphonegames.cms02.info/inquiry/main.php?mode=detail&article=1
Game INSIDE https://www.iid.co.jp/contact/inside_contact.html
Game ファミ通App eb-famimobile[atsign]ml.enterbrain.co.jp
Game iPhone AC ezw01271[atsign]nifty.com
Game GAME Watch game-watch[atsign]impress.co.jp
Game ゲームタイムズ gmtimes[atsign]ichilisha.com
Game 9-Bit http://9-bit.jp/contact
Game AppsJP http://appsjp.com/?page_id=1287
Game 4Gamer.net https://www.4gamer.net/secure/mail/form.php
Game Soft Funk i[atsign]softfunk.com
Game iPhoneGameCast iebacontact[atsign]gmail.com
Game GameBusiness.jp info[atsign]gamebusiness.jp
Game Appon! review[atsign]appon.jp
Game Swipe swipejp[atsign]gmail.com
Game GameApps tetsunori.yuasa[atsign]gmail.com
Game (Puzzle) Puzzle-App http://puzzle-app.com
IT MACお宝鑑定団 info_otakara[atsign]mac.com
Photo IG Fan http://igfan.jp/contact/
Review service Applis http://applis.ne.jp/

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Point to note: Most sites only use Japanese.Please translate your text into Japanese first (either with your own favorite translation service, or the marketing service we offer) before sending it in.

カテゴリー: Market data in Japan

Apple’s Fastest Growing Region in 2012: Greater China and Japan (via Patently Apple)

3. Apple, 2012 Revenue & Growth by Region

 As illustrated in the chart above, in FY2012, Greater China and Japan represented Apple’s fastest growing revenue regions. One of the report’s key points was that “the iPhone is not currently available on the largest national carrier in either revenue region.”

Original article is here…


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Apple Achieves Top Share in 2012, Dethrones Six-Year Champion SHARP

On February 13, investigation firm Counterpoint Research published its findings on individual vendor share in Japan. Apple has dethroned six-year champion SHARP to become the cellphone maker with top market share in Japan during the year 2012.

Apple occupied 16% of the market in the 4th quarter of 2012, with an all-year cellphone market share of 15%, putting them in the top spot for the first time ever. “Global brands have started to monopolize the market, and Japan is no longer suffering from the Galapagos syndrome,” was Counterpoint’s remark about the findings. They also noted, “Although Nokia and Motorola had previously challenged the Japanese market to no avail, the situation has changed with the advent of the smartphone boom.”

Original article (in Japanese)


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iPhone captures 72% of Japan’s smartphone Market via Sizlopedia

via Sizlopedia

Well Well Well, look who is dominating the Japanese mobile phone market. It is none other than the lovable iPhone. According to the data released by a research firm, Apple’s successful mobile gadget has captured 72% of the market.

This alone doesn’t stress enough upon the significance of the milestone. Things start to make sense when you consider the fact that the magical phone started falling in the hand of the Japanese consumers back in May 2008. HTC the makers of the ever popular T-Mobile HTC HD2 stand 2nd with 11% of the share whereas Toshiba is standing tall at the third rank.

To be continued …

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New market study shows iPhone continues to be big in Japan via @techcrunch

Via TeckCrunch

A lot has been written on how the iPhone performs in Japan, the world’s most advanced mobile nation, but the general consensus in this country now is that it sells very well (even though both Apple and provider SoftBank Mobile refuse to break down Japan-specific sales numbers). It’s rumored that the number of iPhones sold in Japan has passed 3 million.

There are reasons for this success (super-low pricing, aggressive marketing, Apple’s pre-iPhonebrand popularity in Japan, clever product positioning by SoftBank, etc. etc.), but we’re talking about a country in which basically every cell phone is a smartphone, a country where you’d be hard-pressed to find a handset without a digital TV tuner or e-wallet function, for example.

And that means that the 4.9% share the iPhone now commands in the entire Japanese cell phone market, as reported [JP] by a Japanese research insitute today, is more than impressive (Sharp, with 26.2% market share, is the number one).

To be continued …

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Japanese market characteristics and Japanese localization

To expand into the Japanese market with your iPhone application, it is extremely important to have a “Japanese localization”. When browsing for apps in the iTunes Store, most people automatically dismiss the screen upon seeing an English description. It doesn’t matter even if the app is free!

Also, if you only market your application in English, your chances of getting “covered by the bloggers” — an important aspect of marketing in Japan — becomes very low. Just think about it. If you come across an absolutely amazing application only available in Japanese… would you buy it?

If it isn’t in English …

For the record, you can clearly tell how proficient (or not) Japanese generally are with the English language by looking at their TOEFL (an international English language proficiency test) results. 29th place out of a total of 30 Asian regions. Although most Japanese understand the need to know English, many are strongly allergic to it. It is said that the English education industry in Japan is the largest in the world, estimated to be around US$30 billion. Could this not also be an indication of how difficult it is for the Japanese to master the English language?

Difficulties of Japanese localization

It is unfortunate that many are holding back from diving into this large app market because of a reluctance to invest in Japanese localization. Then again, there’s no denying that localizing an application into Japanese is no easy task for English-speaking vendors (especially personal and small ISVs).

One cannot translate an application naturally without background knowledge in iPhone controls and technology. (And for those already translated apps that are not seeing sales, “unnaturalness” could very well be the reason why.)

For example, do you or your translator know what the appropriate Japanese terms for things like “distribution”, “configuration”, “file menu” or others? These terms may have several Japanese equivalents, but only one that is acceptable in context. Without proper knowledge about the application concept, you may end up with a translation that devalues the user interface you have taken so much effort to put together.

The app is not the only thing you will need to translate. There’s also the iTune Store, support site and press release, amongst others, to worry about. You may incur quite a bit of cost if you engaged a professional translator to handle all of these.

カテゴリー: Market data in Japan タグ:

The iPhone application market in Japan

Annual sales of the iPhone hit an estimated 3 million units in Japan during the year 2010. This puts the Japanese iPhone market as the second largest in the world, after the USA.

Softbank, the third largest national telecommunications operator, is currently the exclusive carrier of iPhones in Japan. Although their signal quality is not very good, strong demand for the iPhone is making them rise above this disadvantage. However, there is still much room for growth. In fact, unit sales are expected to see a tremendous increase once carriers with strong signal quality like Docomo, au,  jump into the bandwagon; much like how Verizon’s entry into the iPhone market greatly bumped up unit sales in the US.

カテゴリー: Market data in Japan タグ: